. .
  • Czech Rep. - 391 Love Locks
  • Hungary - 326 Love Locks
  • Austria - 303 Love Locks
  • Slovenia - 302 Love Locks
  • Italy - 297 Love Locks

Terms and condition

I. General Provisions

The organizer of the contest (the "Contest") is Mgr. Radovan Stoklasa , with registered office in Prague 1 Nove Mesto, Ostrovni25, 110 00, Czech Republic, Identification Number: 68346042 (hereinafter referred to as the "organizer ").

II. The course of the competition

Participate in the competition is open to all who accept the rules of the competition . Organizer is not included in the contest participants registered after the official date of the competition. Evaluation of the competition held on 14 Second 2014. The prices of the competition to win the number of competitors in the ToR competition, according to the rules set out therein. The winner will be announced on the website www.lovelockstory.eu

The contest organizer reserves the right to shorten, suspend or cancel the competition or to change its rules.

The contest organizer reserves the right to check the conditions for participation in the game and the assessment of the claim to the prize. The contest organizer reserves the right in cases of dispute definitively decide at its own discretion. Wins are not judicially enforceable.

III. Prices

Prizes to the winners dedicated organizer or company mentioned in the competition brief

Prizes for the winners take their own risk and accepting the prices winner takes full responsibility for any damages that him or a third person may use or utilization rates rise. The competition organizer is not responsible for any damage caused by the winners or third parties for any costs or damages incurred in connection with the use or application of these prices. The contest organizer reserves the right, in its sole discretion to determine the manner and place of receipt of the prize. In case of sending by courier Wins liable for damage caused to win its transport delivery service chosen by transport contracts concluded between the organizer and the delivery service. Organizer shall not be responsible for damage caused to the prize during its transportation.

If the winner has not yet reached the age of 18 is required in order to win acceptance jehozakonny representative participated in over 18 years and during this presented his identity card as proof of identity. Also, the actual winner is required to present an ID card or other proof of identity at the handover of prizes.

IV. Moral Rights and Privacy

By participating in the contest, each participant agrees that the contest organizer is entitled to use the names and likenesses of the winners in the media issued by the organizer with the fact that for this purpose may be procured their video recordings. Any person who participates in competitions, expressly agrees that the organizer of the competition she treats the personal data, for the purpose of evaluating the competition, the need for contact with these persons, as well as informing them of the titles issued by the organizer and other menus in connection with these titles. By subscribing to the competition contestants further consents to the processing of personal data provided by the competition organizer for inclusion in a database for further marketing process, ie offering of products and services for the purpose of business communication for a period of ten years from the grant consent. Contestant consents to the personal data were processed by third persons authorized by the organizer. Organizer hereby informs each person who gave the competition my personal data for processing on their rights under the Act No. 101/2000 Coll. , Protection of Personal Data, as amended (the "Act "), which mainly that the provision of this information is voluntary, that any such person has the right of access to such data and that it is entitled in violation of the Act, contact the Office for personal Data Protection requests to be remedied, as well as other rights arising from 11 and 21 of this Act. Consent to the processing of data can be subject to the conditions of the Act at any time in writing at the address of the organizer recalled.

V. Rules for discussion

1. Forum to exchange views on various topics, or as a complement these topics.

2. It is strictly forbidden to publish posts that violate any applicable laws.

3. Insults, threats of violence or defamation is strictly prohibited. Likewise, obscene or vulgar posts.

4. Inciting hatred for individuals or groups of individuals is strictly prohibited and may be punishable under applicable laws.

5. Dissemination of advertising and spam is prohibited, as well as posts nevzahujici to the subject of discussion.

6. Links to websites with illegal content are strictly prohibited.

7. Wallpapering, ie. re- inserting the same posts is not allowed.

8. Disclosure of personal data of other persons is strictly prohibited.

9. Operator reserves the right zazsahovat discussions and contributions in its sole discretion to delete.

10. Operator is not responsible for posts violate any applicable laws. Responsibility for their contributions always bears debater.

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