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  • Czech Rep. - 391 Love Locks
  • Hungary - 326 Love Locks
  • Austria - 303 Love Locks
  • Slovenia - 302 Love Locks
  • Italy - 297 Love Locks

Privacy Policy

By participating in the contest, each participant agrees that the contest organizer is entitled to use the names and likenesses of the winners in the media issued by the organizer with the fact that for this purpose may be procured their video recordings. Any person who participates in competitions, expressly agrees that the organizer of the competition she treats the personal data, for the purpose of evaluating the competition, the need for contact with these persons, as well as informing them of the titles issued by the organizer and other menus in connection with these titles. By subscribing to the competition contestants further consents to the processing of personal data provided by the competition organizer for inclusion in a database for further marketing process, ie offering of products and services for the purpose of business communication for a period of ten years from the grant consent. Contestant consents to the personal data were processed by third persons authorized by the organizer. Organizer hereby informs each person who gave the competition my personal data for processing on their rights under the Act No. 101/2000 Coll. , Protection of Personal Data, as amended (the "Act "), which mainly that the provision of this information is voluntary, that any such person has the right of access to such data and that it is entitled in violation of the Act, contact the Office for personal Data Protection requests to be remedied, as well as other rights arising from 11 and 21 of this Act. Consent to the processing of data can be subject to the conditions of the Act at any time in writing at the address of the organizer recalled.